Impact-exercises help increase bone density!

Happy Bunny everyone! Hop, hop, hop… Did you know hopping is good to increase your bone density? Yes...jumping! Naturally bones respond to physical impacts (exercises) and become stronger. Astronauts are well known to lose their bone density after spending in gravity free space for months. If you are women, older, menopause, taking certain medications like prednisone, chances are your bone density is low. If you are women 65, men 70 and over, fractured, taking certain meds, your doctor orders a bone density test. If the test result is out of range, you are recommended to take calcium and perhaps a prescription drug just to add more to your med list. Adding some impact-exercises to your daily routine might be quite effective. Some of you might say “I am not gonna jump no way!” or “I can’t jump!” Do you dance? How about running/jogging, hiking, aerobic/zumba, tennis? No?…ok how about stair climbing, (fast) walking, or just simple squats or, standing and rising up and down on your toes (hold on to a chair or a table if you have trouble stay in balance). Small and quick exercise is good enough…go upstairs twice a day everyday or rise your toes 10 -20 times x 2 everyday. It's even better if you enjoy doing it because it increases your endocannabinoids. Imagine you are a rabbit while exercising. Happy Easter!