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Grow outside

Hemp will be planted in April or May after a danger of killing frost.  It grows so fast up to 4 inches a day.  By September it's ready to harvest.  For fiber,  plantings are close together to promote height.  For seed production, flowering is encouraged.  For cannabinoids extraction, flowerings are discouraged. 

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Harvest and Storage

 Harvest of hemp can be done by hand or by machine.  After harvest, it has to be dry by hanging up side down in a barn or by dryer.  The key is to avoid mold and mildew.  These determine the quality of hemp products. 

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Decarboxylation and Extraction

The acidic cannabinoids are thermally unstable and can undergo decarboxylation when exposed to light or heat via smoking, heating or drying.  In the process usually dried hemp is heated at 230 F, thus converting CBDA to CBD.  Then it go through CO2 extraction device to extract oil.  This is called crude oil at this point.  This oil is winterized to separate unwanted components like fat. 

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