Yes!  FREE Bottle!!


It was August 2019. I first attended a hemp conference in Miami.  I learned so much about hemp scientifically.  It was a nice change to focus on integrated medicine from traditional pharmaceuticals.  I am still glad what I did and very happy to talk about hemp to people who don't know much about it yet.  So this is my celebration to offer a free bottle of hemp oil 500 mg ($55 Value) to you if you haven't tried any hemp product yet.  Please fill out your first name and email address and I will get back to you for details.


You are not qualified because you are already taking hemp products?  First of all, thank you for being honest with me about the fact you are already taking.  Here is what I can offer you if this is the case.


1)  If you only tried topical or oil less than 500 mg and if you never purchased from me, then you are qualified for  a free bottle.  So just provide me your first name and your email address. I will get back to you. 


2)  If you've been taking oil/tincture higher than 500 mg/30 ml strength, this product may not be as strong as you desire.  Tell you friends or family about this great opportunity.  Tell them what you know about hemp.  Have them come to this website so that they can claim a free bottle to try.  Make sure they mention about your name and email address. Why?  So that I can provide you onetime 30% discount on any products of your choice  (even on sale items) at this website if the person actually claim.   With his/her permission, you may simply provide their email addresses to if that's easier.  But only if they give you apermission to do it!


Please allow me 2-7 days to get back to you because I only process this once a week.  Depending on the date and time it might take up to 7 days.